espresso toscano

From tradition to progress

Since its foundation in the 90s in Tuscany, the roasting company Caffè Donatello has based its activity on tradition, continuity, and expertise in the production of coffee.

We rely on our senses, an added value for us, because it is only through experience that nuances, perfumes and aromas can be perceived fully. This enriches the productive process in every single part of it, from the evaluation of green coffee to the roasting.

Our mission

Caffè Donatello is an established and dynamic company. Our aim is to develop our product and expand our reach by conveying our passion and commitment to coffee, with the care that only an artisanal process can guarantee.

Our vision

Our goal is to become a benchmark of roasted coffee through a high-quality product and our professional values linked to tradition. Although we are equipped with state-of-art machinery, the human capital is still key. No advanced equipment can replace the ear of the roaster, who can recognise the perfect roasting degree from the creaking of the beans, or the palate of the owner who personally tastes each lot.

Our strategy

Caffè Donatello pays great attention to the satisfaction of its customers. We aim at increasing their loyalty through long-established products, yet with an eye to future and innovation.

Selected green coffee

The lots of green coffee arrive at our roasting plant in Tuscany from selected producers from Mexico, Guatemala, India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Java and Hawaii.

We build long-term partnerships with the producers to secure the best varieties and a consistency in the various lots of green coffee. To ensure a higher quality standard, we buy only wet processed coffee. All the green coffee we buy is hand-harvested: only mature beans are selected, while leaves and defective cherries are discarded.

Coffee is a living product. For this reason, we analyse and taste a sample from every single lot of green coffee. This guarantees a consistent quality of roasted coffee over time.

Frequent roasting

Our roasting process is slow, and its duration may vary according to some factors such as climate conditions and humidity.

Our drum roaster has a capacity of 60 kg and ensures a homogeneous roasting of all beans. Roasted coffee is then air-cooled, so that it can release its full aroma.

After this roasting process, the beans have become dark, lightweight, and airy. Their bouquet is enhanced, yet the caffeine percentage is unchanged.

Aroma protection valve

To preserve our coffee in a better way, we use bags with a special valve patented in Switzerland. The valve allows the release of carbon dioxide and blocks oxygen from entering, preventing oxidation. This way, the maturation process of our coffee does not stop and its organoleptic characteristics are kept intact.

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